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Feature complete: Uncovering the true cost different RabbitMQ features and configs

They call RabbitMQ the swiss army knife of messaging systems, but what impact do all those features have on performance? In this talk we'll review common features and their effect on end-to-end latency, throughput and broker load. We'll see concrete numbers and come to...

WeWork's good enough order guarantee

Ilana and Avikam figured out how to rearchitect their app's RabbitMQ pipeline in order to save WeWork's developers time and money. They are here to show you a strategy to guarantee message serialization when order matters, and to convince you that sometimes the best solution is...


RabbitMQ is a multi-protocol messaging broker, which, on a vanilla installation supports AMQP-0.9-1. Through its plugin architecture, RabbitMQ may also be configured for other protocols such as EMQX and MQTT. Which of these two are better? Join me in this talk as I answer these...

Observe and understand RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ exposes metrics and healthchecks that answer all questions. Future RabbitMQ versions will make it easy to visualise and understand what happens under the hood. Join me to learn about the future of RabbitMQ observability.

Practical advice for the care and feeding of RabbitMQ

After 10 years of heavy use of RabbitMQ in production, common problems, patterns, and solutions have emerged. In this talk we will cover architecture, configuration and operational management, monitoring, and maybe a disaster story or two.

Uncommon monitoring and analytics for RabbitMQ

In order to detect anomalies and prevent runtime issues that can compromise the delivery of business services that depend on RabbitMQ, effective monitoring, alerting and analytics tools can make a big difference. But are all of the available tools alike? Attend this session to...

How to use multiple RabbitMQ brokers with SpringBoot

How to connect your SpringBoot application to multiple RabbitMQ brokers? But why do you need multiple RabbitMQ brokers in the first place? We wrote this simple-to-use open source library to solve different use cases from brokers in different PAAS providers to dedicated brokers.

Using the source-oriented exchanges pattern to keep events in order

Almost every publish-subscribe technology embraces a model where messages appear on correspondingly distinct topics. Unfortunately this leads to loss in order of events across the topics. Alex will show how RabbitMQ offer a way to implement the equivalent of topics without...

What is AMQP and why is it used in RabbitMQ?

AMQP includes a set of standards that control the entire messaging process in AMQP message brokers, like RabbitMQ. It allows two parties to communicate by sending and receiving messages between them. This article examines the basics of AMQP 0.9.1.

What is the relationship between connections and channels in RabbitMQ?

This article examines how clients, consumers, and brokers pass information over connections and channels in RabbitMQ.