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Message queues vs HTTPS in microservices, part 2: Streamlining load balancing and service discovery

In this blog, we will see how https-based microservices introduce the need for load balancing and service discovery. In the end, we will see how a queue-based approach simplifies all these.

Message queues vs HTTPS in microservices, part 1: A more decoupled architecture

This blog will explore the challenges around tight-coupling in https-based microservices. In the end, we will see how a queue-based approach could help in mitigating these challenges.

RabbitMQ 3.12 Takes MQTT Support to the Next Level

We are happy to announce that RabbitMQ 3.12 is now available on CloudAMQP.

Azure Marketplace Revamped

A new, full-featured, and more robust Azure Marketplace integration has been released.

AMQP vs MQTT: Messaging protocols compared

Both AMQP and MQTT are messaging protocols. However, both protocols have their strengths and weaknesses, making it essential to understand their similarities, differences, and use cases. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of AMQP and MQTT.

CloudAMQP attended PyCon in Florence

The CloudAMQP team was present at the Python Conference held in Flerence, Italy on the 25/05/2023.

Welcome to join RabbitMQ Summit 2023

The CloudAMQP team presents to you the 2023 RabbitMQ Summit scheduled to hold in Berlin, Germany.

The LavinMQ webinar is now available on Youtube

The recorded video of the LavinMQ webinar hosted by CloudAMQP is now available on YouTube

CloudAMQP is excited to announce the release of LavinMQ 1.0!

LavinMQ 1.0 results from years of development and testing and is now ready to become your new message broker.

Webinar: LavinMQ is here, but why launch another message broker?

What's the fuss about the new next-generation message broker, LavinMQ? Let's dive into it with a free LavinMQ webinar! Discover the what and the how, and ask your questions directly to the core team.