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Microservices and Message Queues, Part 7: Caveats for real-world use cases

While implementing our demo project in parts 5 & 6, we did dumb down a couple of things for brevity’s sake. This article will suggest how some of those things could be improved.

Microservices and Message Queues, Part 6: Building the second service

In the previous post, we implemented the first service in our distributed architecture. This post will walk you through implementing the second service.

Microservices and Message Queues, Part 5: Building the first service

Recall that the previous article discussed breaking down our demo project into two smaller services. This article will walk us through building the first service.

CloudAMQP - home of the new message broker LavinMQ

What’s new, fast, and open-source? The message broker LavinMQ, hosted by CloudAMQP! Get familiar with our latest product, and why not get a free instance to try it out?

Microservices and Message Queues, Part 4: Introducing the demo project

Equipped with the theoretical knowledge of message queues, RabbitMQ, and CloudAMQP, next, let's apply what we've learned to a realworld project - this article will introduce our demo project.

Microservices and Message Queues, Part 3: RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP

Now that we know what message queues are in general, let's explore RabbitMQ and how CloudAMQP simplifies working with it.

Microservices and Message Queues, Part 2: Message Queues use cases

To build on our knowledge of what message queues are, this article will cover some practical use cases of message queues.

Microservices and Message Queues, Part 1: Understanding Message Queues

This article will cover the fundamentals of message queues in the broader sense.

RabbitMQ plugins: The what and the how

Let’s kick off the conversation on a note that’s not directly related to RabbitMQ Plugins, but returning to establish the connection eventually.

RabbitMQ Streams and Replay Features, Part 3: Limits and configurations

Beyond the default configurations that are bundled with a Stream, you might want to customize these default settings in some scenarios. This article looks at some of these configurations as well as the limitations of RabbitMQ Streams.