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RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: Panel Discussion about what's new and what's on the horizon for RabbitMQ

A panel debate with a selection of guests, including questions from the audience. Time to talk about the future for the most widely deployed open source message broker in the world: RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: Developing RabbitMQ plugins in Elixir - Matteo Cafasso

RabbitMQ comprises of a state of the art plugin architecture, allowing it to be highly customizable and extensible to meet various requirements which may not be supported by an 'out-of-the-box' broker installation. This presentation gives an overview of RabbitMQ's plugin...

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: The Consistent Hash Exchange: Making RabbitMQ a better broker - Jack Vanlightly

This session will cover an alternative to the competing consumer pattern by using the Consistent Hash Exchange. We'll see how this exchange enables different messaging patterns such as data locality, message processing order guarantees at scale and helping to avoid large queues...

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: An update from the RabbitMQ team - Michael Klishin

Curious about what the RabbitMQ team has been up to since 3.7.0 shipped in November 2017? In this talk we will cover what's coming in 3.8.0 and beyond.

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: Idiomatic RabbitMQ - Gavin M Roy

In this talk Gavin will cover AMQP in the context of its use in RabbitMQ with a premise that if you don't fully understand AMQP, you don't understand RabbitMQ. Gavin will discuss the by-directional RPC behaviour, connections, channels, objects, methods, and properties.

RabbitMQ version distribution on CloudAMQP

43% of all clusters at CloudAMQP are now running 3.7!

Azure Australia supported!

We are today happy to announce that CloudAMQP now is available in Azure Australia!

Is HiPE production ready?

6% of all clusters at CloudAMQP has HiPE enabled - and we are today running thousands of nodes. Yes, HiPE is production ready.

IBM Cloud Catalogue

CloudAMQP is from now on available in the IBM Cloud Catalogue! This article also include information to users that are still using legacy instances on the IBM cloud.

RabbitMQ and Microservices

In this blog post, we give you the perks of a microservice architecture built on RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP to show you the benefits of the age of message queuing.