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RabbitMQ as a backbone: Rever’s application depends solely on a stable infrastructure

"RabbitMQ has been very stable and consistent since the beginning. It is an extremely critical component for us."

Make sure to run the latest versions of RabbitMQ and Erlang

If your cluster has not been updated for a while, you may be running old versions of both Erlang and RabbitMQ. Here is an updated guide about how to upgrade your CloudAMQP cluster.

Updates to Consumer Alarms for RabbitMQ

Never have consumer alarms been easier to handle than now. A small but highly-anticipated update is here to ease your inbox flow

New feature: CloudAMQP and Azure PrivateLink

We are adding support for PrivateLink for all our customers using Azure. PrivateLink lets you connect securely from the servers in your resource group to the AMQP brokers on CloudAMQP. The data is secure and never leaves the Azure network.

How to Use All the Limits in RabbitMQ

Explore how regular use of RabbitMQ can be made more stable by introducing limits on some common resource leaks.

RabbitMQ Checklist For Production Environments - A Complete Guide

Learn how to avoid the most common setup errors and enjoy a more stable RabbitMQ environment

How Educational Content Helps You Grow

Working on creative strategies for technical marketing has never been more exciting, that’s why we love our work in the technical marketing team at CloudAMQP. Not only do we get to create content like technical guides, blog posts, and informative videos - we also get to...

Annual RabbitMQ report 2022 by CloudAMQP

CloudAMQP's annual report based on CloudAMQP customer usage of RabbitMQ. We take a closer look at versions, language and client distribution among other things.

Comparing RabbitMQ Hosting Providers

It seems like everyone is jumping on the RabbitMQ bandwagon, and we’re all for it! But how do you decide on the best RabbitMQ hosting service? What matters when you consider features and technology? How much does expertise count and do those user reviews really help?

FAQ: What is a Delayed Message Exchange?

This tutorial explores scenarios that require delayed messaging, the benefits of implementing a delay, and how to create a delayed exchange.