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Complete our free RabbitMQ training course and get exclusive stickers!

Lets make the summer a fun opportunity to better up your RabbitMQ skills with our training tool.

Join the Live stream with CloudAMQP

CloudAMQP is hosting a Livestream on June 25th, around Apache Kafka vs RabbitMQ Streams.

Automatic Version Updates for LavinMQ

Keep your messaging service safe and up-to-date with new automated version updates for LavinMQ

Welcome to a tech meetup in Wellington, New Zealand!

How to scale applications effectively with message queues.

RabbitMQ Annual Report - 2023

The new year provides CloudAMQP with an opportunity to delve into statistics from the previous year. Given our fondness for numbers, let's explore what these statistics are telling us!

Azure Monitor Log Integration

We are happy to announce that CloudAMQP added the possibility to ship logs to Azure Monitor!

Coralogix Log Integration

CloudAMQP is pleased to announce support for Coralogix log integration!

Now Live: Migrating from RabbitMQ to LavinMQ

We are excited to announce the launch of our new RabbitMQ to LavinMQ migration feature on CloudAMQP!

New feature: CloudAMQP and Private Service Connect

We are happy to announce the introduction of support for Private Service Connect for all our Google Cloud customers. This blog will walk you through how to enable this feature on CloudAMQP.

The Power of Message Queueing in Modern Applications

Ever wondered why your fitness app doesn't crash when thousands of others use it simultaneously, or how your bank swiftly processes transactions even during peak hours? The secret ingredient in many of today's modern applications is called Message Queueing.