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New Azure regions enabled for CloudAMQP

We’re happy to let you know that we have enabled new Azure regions for CloudAMQP.

What is new in RabbitMQ 3.8?

Over the past two releases, RabbitMQ trended towards reliability and increased security. The newest version, 3.8, brings authorization and failover alongside increasingly beneficial improvements to components such as logging and visualization.

Win a Ticket to RabbitMQ Summit 2019

Win a ticket for you and a friend by contributing with a user story.

Get better insight into your upcoming invoices

We are offering a more transparent billing. You now have full insight into upcoming invoices.

AWS Bahrain now supported

Great news! CloudAMQP customers are now able to create their cluster in AWS-Middle-East (Bahrain).

Publishing Throughput - Asynchronous vs Synchronous

In this article we will look at the impact that asynchronous vs synchronous publishing has on throughput when using publisher confirms.

Maintaining Long-Lived Connections with AMQProxy

The AMQProxy is a specialized AMQP proxy developed by CloudAMQP that uses connection and channel pooling/reuse in order to reduce connection churn on brokers.

GCP firewall configuration enabled for CloudAMQP

Safety first! The CloudAMQP team are happy to announce that CloudAMQP now offers firewall support for Google Cloud Platform.

New regions in GCE

Support added for new regions in GCE: Los Angeles, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Montréal, Canada.

AWS Hongkong now supported

The team behind CloudAMQP is happy to announce that we now offer support for AWS Hongkong.