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Meet Softonic - From a monolith architecture to microservices and event-based communication.

CloudAMQP met up with Softonic to hear their story on how RabbitMQ, as an event bus between microservices, contributes to a reliable, fast and effective architecture perfect for their purpose.

RabbitMQ and Microservices

In this blog post, we give you the perks of a microservice architecture built on RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP to show you the benefits of the age of message queuing.

Meet Hemnet: On-Premises to the Cloud with RabbitMQ

The property listing platform, Hemnet, moved from a full on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution in less than a year. This is the story about how they changed from in-house to the cloud, and how RabbitMQ became an important player during the migration.

Meet Parkster - Breaking down a monolithic system into microservices

A growing digital parking service from Sweden is right now breaking down their monolithic system towards microservices. Follow their story!

Handling resource-intensive tasks with work queues in RabbitMQ

User story about microservices, about how to handle computationally intensive work with help of RabbitMQ, and about worker scaling in Heroku.

CloudAMQP - A microservice architecture built upon RabbitMQ

A simple overview of the automated process behind CloudAMQP. The polyglot workplace where microservices written in different languages communicate through RabbitMQ.

A BI-solution based on SpringXD and RabbitMQ (CloudAMQP)

CloudAMQP User Story: Example of how Cortex Intelligence built their business intelligence solution based on SpringXD and RabbitMQ. Learn why CloudAMQP was the best option!