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Upgrade Legacy Queueing: RabbitMQ Summit Pre-Conference Webinar

Join us for the RabbitMQ Summit pre-conference webinar on September 7 at 10:00 AM (CEST). This session, led by Sofie Abrahamsson (CloudAMQP) and Brett Cameron (VMS Software Inc.), delves into RabbitMQ's potential to replace outdated message queuing solutions in legacy...

Welcome to Ruby Game Show Meetup in Stockholm!

Let’s meet, mingle, and have some fun in Stockholm with our mutual friend Ruby!

CloudAMQP talks at the RabbitMQ Summit

We are proud to announce that three members of the CloudAMQP team will be speaking during the RabbitMQ Summit. Here is a summary of our talks and the time slots not to miss out on!

Know Before You Go – A Crash Course in RabbitMQ with CloudAMQP

New to Message Queueing? In need of a crash course before the RabbitMQ Summit? CloudAMQP and Erlang Solutions have just the right meetup for you!

Keynote: Growing a Farm of Rabbits To Scale Financial Apps

Today, Bloomberg's engineering teams around the globe have access to a fully-managed RabbitMQ platform. This enables them to achieve scalability, flexibility, and maintainability, without needing to focus on the RabbitMQ Server details. We’ll see how one such team has used the...

Panel debate: RabbitMQ and its future

It's time to talk about the current state and future for the most widely deployed open source message broker in the world. Selected guests takes part in a panel debate, including questions from the audience.

Monitoring & scaling based on RabbitMQ telemetry

Zalando's Communication platform products are powered by a RabbitMQ cluster. Multiple telemetry points allows the system to gain scalability and resilience patterns in real time. Managing cost efficiency and performance at Zalando has been a seamless effort thanks to our setup.

Keynote: An update from the RabbitMQ team (version 3.8)

Hear from the RabbitMQ core engineering team about what near term updates to 3.8 will include. Making RabbitMQ more protocol agnostic, easier to manage and scale, and changes to the schema database.

Rapidly Building Event Driven and Streaming Applications with RabbitMQ

In this live-coding session we explore a variety of event processing and streaming solutions built with RabbitMQ. We will show how Spring Cloud Streams and RabbitMQ provide abstractions for developers to build event driven apps. You will learn tools and techniques to solve...

Running RabbitMQ at Scale

CloudAMQP provides RabbitMQ clusters as a service, but what happens behind the scenes? It all runs on RabbitMQ servers that provide various functionality in setting up, configuring, monitoring and updating our RabbitMQ service. In this talk we'll go into how AMQP and RabbitMQ...