CloudAMQP Console EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge is an event bus that makes it easier to build scalable and event-driven applications by using events generated from different applications like your own apps, integrated Software-as-a-Services, and AWS services.

CloudAMQP offers a native AWS Eventbridge integration, and you can easily connect and stream data from CloudAMQP.

Add an Eventbridge

vhost [vhost]
The vhost the queue resides in.
Queue [queue name]
A (durable) queue on your RabbitMQ instance.
AWS Region [aws region]
The AWS region where you the events to be sent to.
AWS Account ID [aws account region]
The AWS Account ID where you want the events to be sent to.

You can enable AWS EventBridge from the console of your CloudAMQP instance. This will enable your CloudAMQP instances for setup and mapping through the AWS Eventbridge Console.


Enter the vhost where the queue resides.


Enter a durable queue from where you want messages sent.

AWS Region

AWS region to where events will be sent.

AWS Account ID

AWS Account to where events will be sent.

Note that our consumer needs to have exclusive usage to the configured queue.

Messages that are not valid JSON or larger than 256 KB will be rejected without re-queueing, so make sure to configure a dead letter queue where those messages can end up if you have very large messages.