CloudAMQP Console Custom Domain

This feature is available on dedicated instances.

A new CloudAMQP instance is given a randomized name by default, but there is also an option to set a custom domain name. Custom Domains are using Let’s Encrypt and follow the safety and security policy of CloudAMQP.

To set a custom domain, choose a custom domain in the CloudAMQP console after creation or through the API/CloudAMQP Terraform provider. All you need to do is create a CNAME DNS record for your domain pointing to your CloudAMQP hostname.

Custom Domain

Custom Domain

Custom Domain name
CNAME record must point to

Reset to default certificate button

If you use a certain CA-chain, you can upload your certificate. All certificates should be in the PEM format, and the private key should not be password protected. The certificate is uploaded straight to your server(s) and not stored anywhere else.

In this view, you can also restore the certificate to the CloudAMQP default.

Advanced Settings (upload your own certificate)

SNI Host SNI host
The SNI - Server Name Identification host
SNI Host CA chain
The certificate authority chain, in PEM format
Certificate CA chain
The certificate (public key part) in PEM format
Private key Private key
The private key in PEM format
Reset to default certificate button