Custom Domain for CloudAMQP

NOTE: This feature was released by CloudAMQP in October 2021. Please note that the custom domain option is only available on dedicated plans.

When creating an instance with CloudAMQP, the instance is given a randomized name. In the past, if personal domains were required, certificates needed to be uploaded and manually renewed on a regular basis. However, when the certificate expired without action, problems occurred.

With Custom Domains, customers only need to perform the action once.

Custom Domains are made possible using Let’s Encrypt and follow the safety and security policy of CloudAMQP.

The feature is available for newly created instances but also for customers with already running dedicated instances.

Getting started

Choose your custom domain in the control panel of the instance after creation or through the API / Terraform provider. All you need to do is create a CNAME DNS record for your domain pointing to your CloudAMQP hostname.


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