All metrics to CloudWatch from CloudAMQP are exported under the namespace CloudAMQP/metrics.
Each metrics is also given the dimensions HostName, which is the hostname of the server for server metrics or the cluster hostname for RabbitMQ metrics, and InstanceName which is the name you give your cluster.

Exported server metrics

Metric Value type Comment
Cpu/user Percent
Cpu/system Percent
Cpu/iowait Percent
Cpu/steal Percent
Mem/free Mb
Mem/used Mb
Swap/free Mb
Swap/used Mb

Exported RabbitMQ metrics

For all exported RabbitMQ metrics the vhost as VirtualHost is added as a dimension.

Metric Value type Commend
PublishRate Count/Second Publish rate
ConsumeRate Count/Second Consume rate
Connections Count No. of connections
Channels Count No. of channels
Consumers Count No. of consumers
Queues Count No. of queues
QueuedMessages Count Total no. of queued messages
QueueLength/<queue_name> Count Length of a queue
QueueConsumers/<queue_name> Count No. of consumers on a queue
QueuePublishRate/<queue_name> Count/Second Publish rate for a queue
QueueConsumeRate/<queue_name> Count/Second Consume rate for a queue