Monitoring Services

CloudAMQP is today integrated to CloudWatch, DataDog, Librato, Loggly, Papertrail and Logentries.

Metric are mapped to the API of each service. DataDog metric names are prefixed with "cloudamqp."


Field Example Comment
mem/free 3322 Free in MB
mem/used 442 Used in MB
swap/free 2047 Free swap in MB
swap/used 2047 Used swap in MB


Field Example Comment
cpu/steal 0 Steal time in %
cpu/system 0 System time in %
cpu/user 0 User time in %
cpu/iowait 0 IO wait in %


For each vhost
Field Example Comment
publish_rate 0 Messages per second
consume_rate 5.0 Messages per second


For each vhost
Field Example Comment
connections 5 Connections on vhost


For each vhost
Field Example Comment
channels 1 Channels on vhost
consumers 1 Consumers on the channel


For each vhost
Field Example Comment
queues 1 Queues on vhost
queued_messages 0 Total number of messages on all queues
queue_length/{queue_name} 100 Message on queue {queue_name}
queue_consumers/{queue_name} 4 Consumers on queue {queue_name}
queue_publish_rate/{queue_name} 3.2 Publish rate per second to {queue_name}
queue_consume_rate/{queue_name} 0.0 Consume rate per second from {queue_name}


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